UPTRAVI® (selexipag)—Phase 2 Trial: Hemodynamics1*

Improvements in PVR and cardiac index:

UPTRAVI: n=33; placebo: n=10

  • UPTRAVI was titrated to a highest tolerated dose (200 mcg BID increments up to 800 mcg BID)
  • The most frequently reported adverse events in the UPTRAVI group were headache, pain in jaw, pain in an extremity, and nausea2
  • 30% statistically significant mean reduction in PVR vs placebo (primary endpoint [95% CI: –44.7%, –12.2%])
  • 0.41 L/min/m2 median increase in cardiac index vs placebo (95% CI: 0.10, 0.71)

*Placebo-controlled, 17-week study including 43 patients with symptomatic PAH (FC II-III) randomized to receive either UPTRAVI (n=33) or placebo (n=10). Patients were required to be concomitantly receiving PAH background therapy with an ERA and/or a PDE-5i.