Starting UPTRAVI—Setting Treatment Goals and Expectations1,2

When you decide to start your patient on treatment with UPTRAVI, it's important to set goals and expectations with them.

  • Ask patients what's most important to them in their treatment with UPTRAVI. Let them know what to expect and who to contact to help them and their loved ones be prepared for treatment

Get a patient started:

Educate and guide your patients throughout treatment:

UPTRAVI Dose Adjustment (Titration)

UPTRAVI dosing is unique to each patient based on how their body responds and adjusts to treatment. The Dose Adjustment Phase (titration) is how you find your patient’s personal dose.

UPTRAVI dosing and titration information

If a dose of UPTRAVI is missed, patients should take the missed dose as soon as possible unless the next dose is within the next 6 hours

If treatment is missed for 3 days or more, restart UPTRAVI at a lower dose and then retitrate

*Once daily for patients with moderate hepatic impairment.

Tolerability may be improved when UPTRAVI is taken with food.

Remember, the goal is not to get to 1600 mcg, it’s to get to the personal dose for each patient.

After the dose adjustment phase

Once each patient reaches his or her personal dose, a single-tablet equivalent is prescribed BID.*

There are 8 different single-tablet strengths of UPTRAVI, each a unique color.

UPTRAVI is available in the following strengths:

UPTRAVI 200mcg Tablet - UPTRAVI tablet strengths

200 mcg
Light yellow

UPTRAVI 400mcg Tablet - UPTRAVI tablet strengths

400 mcg

UPTRAVI 600mcg Tablet - UPTRAVI tablet strengths

600 mcg
Light violet

UPTRAVI 800mcg Tablet - UPTRAVI tablet strengths

800 mcg

UPTRAVI 1000mcg Tablet - UPTRAVI tablet strengths

1000 mcg

UPTRAVI 1200mcg Tablet - UPTRAVI tablet strengths

1200 mcg
Dark violet

UPTRAVI 1400mcg Tablet - UPTRAVI tablet strengths

1400 mcg
Dark yellow

UPTRAVI 1600mcg Tablet - UPTRAVI tablet strengths

1600 mcg

UPTRAVI Tablet Size
Size shown in relation to a dime for proportional comparison. Tablet not shown at actual size. Actual tablet size is 7 mm.

UPTRAVI Demonstrated a Consistent Benefit in Delaying Disease Progression, Regardless of the Personal Dose Achieved

UPTRAVI by dose group chart

UPTRAVI doses were achieved across the 3 prespecified groups in the GRIPHON trial

  • 200 mcg to 400 mcg BID (low dose):
    23% of patients
  • 600 mcg to 1000 mcg BID (medium dose):
    31% of patients
  • 1200 mcg to 1600 mcg BID (high dose):
    43% of patients