Prescribing UPTRAVI®

You Now Have the Option to Prescribe UPTRAVI® Online Through iAssist

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UPTRAVI® may now be prescribed through iAssist, a web-based platform that streamlines the prescription and enrollment process. Instead of faxing individual enrollment forms and insurance information, data can be entered in one place online to minimize incomplete forms and multiple submissions.

iAssist Offers:



  • Easy eligibility searches can access a patient’s pharmacy benefit information, confirming coverage right away and avoiding the usual wait for a response

ePrior Authorization

  • iAssist allows you to electronically submit plan-specific prior authorizations. For insurance companies participating in full ePrior Authorization services, a determination may be made quickly, depending on payer and pharmacy benefit manager capabilities

Prescription and Statement of Medical Necessity (PSMN)

  • To prescribe UPTRAVI® for your patients and enroll them in Janssen CarePath for education and support



  • Enrollment of your patients into Janssen CarePath is now possible using electronic signatures for both prescriber and patient
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  • Secure and accurate online submission of prescriptions allow pharmacies to fill them rapidly