UPTRAVI® Specialty Pharmacy (SP) Titration Education Support Program (sponsored by Janssen)


After you, as the treating healthcare professional (HCP), have made the decision to prescribe UPTRAVI®, you may choose for your patient to receive nurse education support as they start therapy.

For patients to receive this service, you must check “yes” on the enrollment form to opt in to the nurse support and titration education program.

Within 48 hours of your patient’s receipt of their first UPTRAVI® shipment, an SP Nurse can have an interaction with your patient.

During these visits with your patient, the nurse can:

  • Educate the patient on what to expect as they start therapy with UPTRAVI®
  • Ensure the patient’s understanding of reaching their personal dose
  • Educate the patient to help address potential misconceptions about UPTRAVI® dosing
  • Provide the patient and/or their caregiver with recommendations on when to call their HCP

The information provided is educational in nature and not intended to provide medical advice, replace a treatment plan from the patient’s doctor or nurse, provide case management services, or serve as a reason to prescribe.